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160P-190P Polycrystalline solar panels

160P-190P Polycrystalline solar panels
Specifications of Polycrystalline solar panels
Cell Polycrystalline silicon solar cells 125mm×125mm
No.of cells and connections 72(6×12)
Dimension of module(mm) 1580×808×35
Weight 15.5kg

Limits of Polycrystalline solar panels
Operating temperature -40to+85℃
Maximum system voltage 1000VDC

Characteristics of Polycrystalline solar panels
Model SSM-160P SSM-165P SSM-170P SSM-175P 160P-190P SSM-185P SSM-190P
Open circuit voltage(Voc) 43.24V 43.5V 43.8V 44.2V 44.8V 49.2V 49.2V
Optimum operating voltage(Vmp) 33.5V 34.1V 34.1V 35.3V 36V 36.6V 36.6V
Short circuit current(Isc) 5.12A 5.26A 5.29A 5.32A 5.41A 5.51A 5.59A
Optimum operating current(Imp) 4.78A 4.84A 4.99A 4.99A 5A 5.1A 5.2A
Maximum power at STC(Pm) 160W 165W 170W 175W 180W 185W 190W
STC:Irrandiance 1000w/㎡, Module temperature 25℃, AM=1.5

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